INDUSTIES | SENTINEL Distributed I/O Modules in the Application on Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Silicon Production Lines

Discover Tianjin SENTINEL Electronics Co., Ltd.'s automation solutions for the photovoltaic industry, including EL and CM series remote I/O modules, aimed at enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and driving technological innovation.


Product Upgrade | PLSU Series Flow Sensors

The SENTINEL New Type Flow Sensor is the ideal choice for monitoring fluid flow in the field of industrial automation. Featuring the thermal dispersion principle, stainless steel construction, and a 45° angled display with LED indicators, it offers an economical and durable solution especially suited for large equipment cooling systems requiring simultaneous monitoring of multiple pipelines.


New Product Launch|Votex flow meter

Discover SENTINEL Electronics Co., Ltd.'s latest innovation - a small-sized vortex flow sensor designed for modern industrial automation. Offering unparalleled precision in flow and temperature measurement with a compact design, this sensor is ideal for enhancing production efficiency and optimizing resource management in a variety of applications.


New Product Launch | IO-Link Pressure Sensor

Explore the latest IO-Link pressure sensor by Tianjin Sentinel Electronics Co., Ltd. Integrating advanced communication protocols, this product offers a flexible, efficient solution for industrial automation with exceptional real-time data processing and predictive maintenance capabilities. It effectively reduces operational costs and enhances production efficiency, marking a leap towards more efficient and intelligent sensor technology.


IO-Link Family's New Member: SENTINEL Leads in Launching IO-Link Sensors

Tianjin SENTINEL Electronics, a leader in automation, introduces the new IO-Link Flow and Temperature Dual Display Sensor. Combining cutting-edge technology, this product offers efficient and reliable solutions for various automation environments.


Industry Application | Providing Customized Solutions for Client Requirements

Explore the industrial automation solutions from Tianjin SENTINEL Electronics Co., Ltd. Specializing in IO-Link technology, offering customized products for flow meter communication and PLC compatibility. With a professional R&D team and technological innovation, we deliver efficient and reliable products to meet diverse customer needs.