Automobile welding and assembly cases

Case 1: SENTINEL provided an industrial Ethernet IP67 remote independent module for the final assembly line of the domestic Guangzhou Legend Hangzhou factory. Robots grab sunroofs, dashboards, tires and other components to advance synchronously with the assembly line and install the components in place accurately.

Customer benefits: There is a lot of vibration in the automobile production line, and the SENTINEL IP67 module is fully encapsulated with epoxy resin. Strong anti-shock and anti-vibration properties avoid damage and failure. The module itself has short-circuit protection and freewheeling protection. The 1.2A output current directly drives the solenoid valve of the cylinder without intermediate relay, which reduces the failure points. All adopt connectors for quick connection, no need to proofread cables, which simplifies engineering operations.

Case 2: SENTINEL provided the solution of Profibus-DP IP67 fieldbus module for the domestic FAW Jiefang Truck Chengdu Sanhe Town welding project.

Customer benefit: M12 quick connectors allow easy access and replacement of components. The module 2A has a large current carrying capacity and a short circuit protection function, eliminating the need for an intermediate relay to directly drive the hydraulic valve.